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hi there, thanks for stopping by.

welcome to my personal webslice! as always, perpetually under construction, and just for fun. handcoded but im anemic and my hands are shaky as FUCK so it's not mobile friendly (yet).... anyways, enjoy poking about.>

oh, i really like scrolling thru the neocities discover page to find cool sites, so you should totally leave a mark in the guestbook if your site is cool (or lame thats fine too). don't know what to write? suggest a videogame OST for me please!

here's a little about me...

preferred fork:
three prong
bfa in art technologies
gerber green
always very early
modding & playing videogames, long youtube essays, collecting glass animal figurines, reading (comics & nonfiction mostly) composing digital music, webcode, being bad @ gamedev, hoarding & entifying digital media, radio broadcasting
hyperpop, bit/chiptune, industrial dance & classical

my favorite games

portal 2, mass effect 3, pathologic classic, the sims (i like building neighborhoods), fallout new vegas, vampire the masquerade bloodlines, minecraft, baldurs gate 3

my village in animal crossing: new leaf - cintown (est. 2013)

created march 14 2022

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Transmasculine Pride Webring

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